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Answering Service Hub | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Billing and Statements FAQ

Our billing starts from the 1st day of the month, and ends the last day of the month. If you start on the middle of the month, your account will be prorated for that month. We bill in advance of service provided. Answering Service Hub is an American answering service offering low competitive rates and dependable quality service. We do not outsource, we are U.S. American Citizens, and A United States of America answering service call center.

What if I need to change my Email Address?

Send us an email at with your local or toll-free number in the subject line. Send us the new email you want the operator to send your emails. An email confirmation will be sent to you once the new email has been added.

How Do I Set Up Call Forwarding?

If you are call forwarding from your office, or residence phone, or by your local phone carrier, follow instructions provided by your local phone company and they provided. If forwarding from your cell phone – contact your provider for call forwarding your cell phone. If all else fails contact us.

How Do I Cancel My Service?

Should you decide to cancel service with Hub Answering Service, you will be canceled within 24-48 hours. Let us know when you want to stop, and your service will stop at the time you tell us to stop. All billing will be tabulated up to then.

If you choose to leave us, is there was anything that we could do or have done differently, please let us know at We always listen!

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